NUTMEG – is a reservation android app. It lets people of Bangladesh reserve field slots so that they can play or arrange tournaments there.

This is completely a native android app. In this app, we have used Java language to build the app and XML language to build the layout of the app. For the backend, Firebase has been used here. It uses Firebase Firestore, Cloud Storage services. The complete reservation logic is totally made from scratch with our own algorithm. It uses calling features and whats app contact system. With a standard UI feature, this app is now the core technology of a business platform.

NUTMEG Mobile App
NUTMEG Mobile App

This project belongs to the NUTMEG company. They own fields in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Thus, they are using this app to let their customers reserve slots automatically. All those hassles to keep notes of reserved clients and handle new client requests are now done without engaging any manpower. All they need to do is to keep track of orders. 

Download "NUTMEG" app from here

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