Digital Pharmacy – is a medical app in Bangladesh that lets people to buy medicines from all the pharmacies inside the country and also connect with doctors of the country.

This medical flutter app is a hybrid app that is built with the Flutter framework by Devs Core Developers. The front-end of the app – “Digital Pharmacy” is built using Dart language and the backend is built MySQL and Firebase. It synchronizes with the database using API made using PHP language. The whole code of this medical flutter app follows bloc pattern. In this app, we have also implemented Machine Learning technology to search medicine and pharmacies just from images. It also uses local database to store data in HiveBox. This medical flutter app is now a core technology of medical business in Bangladesh.

Digital Pharmacy - Inventory Management Flutter App by Devs Core
Digital Pharmacy - Inventory Management Flutter App by Devs Core

Digital Pharmacy is owned by a German Company named – “CharBindu Technology Limited”. It is mainly an admin app for doctors and pharmacists to take orders and conduct medicine products on the server of the app. Through this single app, all the employees of a single pharmacy can handle all the medicines of their store. 

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